Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Figure out Your Sex-O-Scope

This year, the romantic Neptune is already ushering in change and the mighty Saturn's sitting in the sign of love. Is it time for you to get lucky?

Existing relationships are in a year when there are more tests. Saturn shows a little coolness for the first part of the year but you can combat that by raising the temperature and refusing to get complacent. Singles, love might come your way through work and that suits you fine as you're looking for someone in authority. Just don't make things awkward when making a pass.

Later this year, there are chances for you and him/her to discover what really makes each other tick and there will be some surprises. If you're looking for love, it's attached to education, maybe a course your boss sends you on. Pluto is enhancing your bedroom aerobics, so burn some calories.

You've had a tough 2010 and those who made it this far in a relationship should congratulate themselves. Shocks may have rocked you but now things are settling down. You're one of the flirtiest signs and as your love planet Jupiter moves fast this year, you will be doing the same. You change from looking for someone older to looking for anyone with a pulse.

There's much focus on your love life. You're moving from negotiations into making it happen and that's your greatest clue to how to tackle the year. You're the traditional type and want the boys to be alpha and the girls to be making rotis but maybe some compromise is good. Early on this year love could be complicated and your willingness to adapt is what will get it through. Single Cancerians could find romance at a mate's party and don't be surprised if an ex is back.

You're the 'love at first sight type'. It has to be like this or you just don't feel it. You may like things to be grand but you don't put up with anyone who plays the part but doesn't have the toys or wallet to back it up. Until June 4th, please book more weekend breaks and less weekend break ups.

Call the soap writers and let them have your story over the past years, it will give them new material! Things are calming down as the coalition of Jupiter and Uranus shift very early on. From April 4th until August 5th, things become more idealistic, spiritual perhaps and working as a team is easier. If you're single, you won't have to kiss too many frogs as Neptune also makes magic and magic happens only suddenly.

Your love life looks busy this year but will this time be what you're really after? There are some changes likely and how you manage them is dependant on you. The Universe recognises your need for perfection and only wants what you want. Single Librans find romance where? Anywhere they want!

Time to get serious and make a commitment; it's your year to do just that. If you're already married, look at second honeymoons. It may be better to simply be yourself and do that thing you do; your silence magically makes it happen. If you're single, someone you met could resurface in summer and set things to sizzle.

Things may not be as serious as you would like this year as your love life is all about fun and games. If you're single you get more chances than a coach load of supermodels on a day trip to Navy Days and all you have to do is make the effort to say 'Hello sailor'. The sporty type suit you best right now, they have the energy to keep up. In April, August and November, don't draw any unnecessary attention to yourself!

If you're in a relationship, things are as they were last year, unless of course you decide to put more effort into making them more exciting. You often choose resilient partners, those who can stand up to you will attract you. If you're single, it's a good year for affairs and more so after June 4th. It may not be as serious as you would like but then it may just be the Universes way of getting you to settle down.

There aren't too many dramas but the solar eclipse has added some interest to existing relationships. Much of your year is spent in changes in your partner's life so providing care to them is needed. For single Aquarians next year is probably better but this one. Your strength in love is your quirkiness, your individuality and as long as you remain true to that there will be many people wanting to know more!

If you're single, you don't seem to be in any hurry to change that. You're a refined creature and perhaps the way round this is to think about where your dream date would go on a day off and put yourself there rather than wait for him or her to walk into Marine Drive on a Saturday night? If you're attached, Neptune's visit could be a good time to pop the question or if you've done all that already perhaps cultivate the spiritual side to your relationship.


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