Monday, April 11, 2011

Care for your hair

After shampooing your hair, towel dry it and use a heat protectant product especially at the hair ends. l Massage a dollop of straightening balm, spreading it evenly through your hair.

- Place your blow dryer on a low setting. Then, as you run your fingers through your hair, combing it, blow dry gently. This will remove the excess moisture in your hair.

- Part your hair into three sections, one portion falling back while two at the sides. Clip up the portions that fall at the sides.

- Select a small portion of hair from the un-clipped section that falls on either side. Now, using a thick, round brush, start at the roots of your hair and brush through it gently using a blow dryer, moving to the ends. Make sure you pull you hair away from the head, straightening it as you run your hairbrush through it.

- Always, start with the underside of your hair gradually moving to the upper part so it dries completely.

- Even distribute the heat over whichever section of hair you work on. This allows a uniform hair texture and also prevents over drying of hair.

- When done with one portion, select and blow smaller parts of hair. Continue till you straighten the whole section.

- Now repeat the process on the remaining two portions of hair.


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