Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Single Guys Love Bad Girls

Getting tied down by a relationship is a situation she detests. Instead, she loves to change her men like she changes clothes. She doesn’t mind making out inside the office lift, especially if her workplace is on the sixth-seventh-eighth floor, or more. She is game for unplanned sex, mainly since she loves all kinds of physical surprises.

For that girl, that uninhibited, sexy, licentious, mischief-loving girl, variety is the spice of sex. Now, meet her loving buddies, those single guys who don’t wish to marry the limitations of a long-term relationship. Chances are that they like to live for the moment, the present being the only reality they can actually see and, hence, willing to accept. Or else, they may not have found the sort of Miss Right they have been looking for. Whatever the reason for being single, many such guys like to fly in the company of a free bird.

Why is that so? One, when our lady is so footloose and fancy-free, commitment is simply unnecessary. A guy can have a good time. So can the girl. Both of them can enjoy each other’s company – in which great, experiment-laden sex is a must – and coolly go their own way. Works for both. Keeps both smiling. The world seems a much better place to live in.

Two, many guys lust after one-night stands. Seeing a person who is willing to make love without inhibitions makes them go weak in their knees. They love to be in a sexually intimate situation in which tomorrow promises to be another day, with today completely forgotten.

Three, many guys are generally convinced that multiple-timing is a dream-like situation that seldom materializes. When they are single, they are ready to mingle with as many as possible. When a girl who thinks similarly comes along – and that is much rarer – such a guy tries his best to reach out to her. For, making love to her is a fulfillment of a dream, the first step towards multiple-timing he had been aspiring for so long.

If you know such guys, and you are likely to, don’t be surprised. He is simply one more horny guy for whom sex means the beginning and the end of a good life.


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