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Spearmint Tea- A boon for "hairy" women

The herb spearmint has been around since a long time. The only way we may have identified it, is by its presence in chewing gum, and in toothpaste. However, consuming spearmint in the form of tea, can have a variety of benefits, and unfortunately, some side effects if consumed in excess.

In essence, spearmint tea is not actually 'tea' because it lacks caffeine, which is an essential ingredient of tea. It is just the process of making the drink, that is similar to that of making tea. Spearmint tea is made by heating a few spearmint leaves in water. The word heating here has been used because the water containing the leaves should not be boiled. Another way of making the drink is to soak a few leaves in water for 5-10 minutes, and then heat the water. The strength of the flavor can be adjusted as per individual liking, by using fewer or more leaves. Additives such as honey, brown sugar, and even milk can be added if required. Whether consumed hot or cold, spearmint tea benefits and its refreshing effect will remain the same.

Spearmint Tea Health Benefits

Spearmint tea was considered by the Romans as a drink that stimulated the mind. As such, it was very popular among them. Some spearmint tea benefits have been enlisted here:

*Spearmint tea has become widely popular among women who suffer from mild symptoms of hirsutism, a disease characterized by the presence of excess male hormones or androgen in a woman's body. Women have found that by drinking 2-5 cups of spearmint tea a day, has helped reduce the presence of facial hair, and unwanted hair on the breasts and stomach. This is one of the most important spearmint tea benefits. Also, not only does it control androgen, it stimulates the production of female hormones, that includes the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH).

*Spearmint tea is also known to control sudden outbursts of acne, and considerably reduce its recurrence. By controlling the prevalence of oily skin, spearmint tea helps combat the problem of acne.

*Drinking a cup of spearmint tea after a meal will definitely smoothens the process of digestion, thereby preventing the occurrence of indigestion, that occurs as a result of our sedentary lifestyle.

*Nausea is another health issue that is cured by the consumption of spearmint tea. Its minty flavor soothes the system, and helps control nausea, that may occur as a result of eating foods that do not agree with the digestive system.

Spearmint Tea and Pregnancy

Spearmint tea is special for women who are pregnant, as it is known to cure health problems related to pregnancy.

*Some women suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which refers to the presence of ovarian cysts, that may cause irregular periods and lead to infertility. This occurs due to overactive male androgens in a woman's body. Drinking spearmint tea helps in regulating the menstrual cycle, and in turn, eases the process of ovulation, or the ability to get pregnant, in women who may suffer from PCOS.

*A miraculous drink for pregnant women, spearmint tea cures women of the highly detested morning sickness. Morning sickness is characterized by nausea, and we have already seen the benefit of spearmint tea for the same.

*Heartburn, that is common among women who are pregnant, can also be treated by drinking spearmint tea.

*After the birth of the baby, spearmint tea can help stop breastfeeding when necessary.

Spearmint Tea Side Effects

Though it is herbal, excessive consumption of spearmint tea can have certain undesirable side effects.

*The effect that spearmint tea has on women, regarding reduction of androgens in the body, is also applicable to men. As such, it should be consumed in moderate amounts.

*Regular consumption of spearmint tea is also known to reduce male and female libido.

*Pregnant women should exercise caution with spearmint tea, as an excess will lead to problems during pregnancy.

*Also, as it helps to stop breastfeeding, it should be consumed wisely, as it may have this effect before the baby can be put on other feeding methods.

The benefits and the side effects of spearmint tea have been mentioned here. However, it is completely an individual choice to decide whether to drink it, when to drink it, and how much to drink. The positive effects of spearmint tea are sure to help, and with its consumption in moderation, the intensity of the side effects can be minimized


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